Grease trap cleaning and waste disposal for all kinds of Canterbury commercial facilities

Mainland Waste are well equipped to handle any of your liquid waste collection and disposal needs and can help you ensure your grease traps are clean and working well. We work with:

  • Schools and education facilities
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Fast food outlets
  • Events and function facilities
  • Industrial and commercial worksites and properties

Contact us to book our grease trap cleaning services or to talk to us about emptying and cleaning your septic tank.

Book regular grease trap cleaning and servicing to keep your restaurant or cafe hygienic

The grease trap at your restaurant, fast food outlet or cafe is usually located just inside or outside the kitchen. The grease trap collects all of the fats and oils that are mixed in with the kitchen wastewater to stop it entering the main system.

Without regular grease trap treatment at your restaurant you risk the grease building up and clogging the grease trap resulting in smells, bacteria and possibly attracting vermin.

Grease trap cleaning should be carried out every three months at least -more if your premises is busy – and is part of what the local council will check during environmental health checks

Mainland Waste offer professional grease trap cleaning services throughout Canterbury and can arrange a regular schedule for you so you don’t fall behind. If the drains on your property are also causing problems, we can help with storm drain cleaning .

Contact us today to discuss your options.